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2015 Peninsula Juniors Week Two Tryouts

2015 PJ's Club Tryouts had an UNBELIEVABLE turnout this year. Over 130 athletes came through our doors. The following teams have been fielded and we are super excited to get this season going!

13 Mizuno Coach Pat
13/12 Molten Coach Greg and Dee
14 Mizuno Coach K
14 Mizuno Coach Sanci
14 Molten Coach Percy
15 Mizuno Coach Taylor
15 Molten Coach Brooke
16 Mizuno Coach Andy
16 Molten Coach Tara
17 Mizuno Coach Katie
18 College Showcase Coach Jen
Grassroots Mizuno Coach Jackie and Coach Jennifer
Grassroots Molten Coach Erin and Coach Danielle
Grassroots Ohana Coach Kimberly

14 Teams in all. We are blessed for our 2015 athletes, coaches and families. Thank you for believing in our philosophy and our OHANA.

Calls are still happening for all teams through Wednesday!


Grassroots spots are STILL available, if you know any athlete who is interested!

We still have a handful of spots available for a few teams IF you weren't able to attend our tryouts, please contact Coach K at director@pjvbc.org asap!

~coach k


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